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Re: Film registration

I have been following the discussions on registration with interest, and would
like to add a slightly different point of view- well I am a European.

First re the DVNR : I have seen it in tests and agree it is not that
impressive, it is also limited to 10 pixels in any direction. That is ok to
correct telecine errors if you have any, but it is not really enough to get
around camera faults. For that you need something more powerful (SGI/Quantel). 

In Milan, Zurich and London I use Rank Jumpfree, with Lowspeed for Real time
stable transfers of all formats. The Lowspeed option includes a replacement
servo board which improves overall performance. Also Lowspeed is not as
flexible as the Metaspeed, but it provides all the essential speeds (6/9/12etc)
without the risk of damage to the tube.

Can anybody tell me what if any the differences are between the Jumpfree and
rts/metaspeed routes? I suspect the important difference is back up, here it is
easy to get decent Rank support, probably you guys have a different story? I am
going to try to get Rank in to our discussions.

Re problems to the Rank Ursa patch at certain speeds, (and I presume sizes)
does the NEWSFLIP option not overcome that? NEWSFLIP is an option for 4:4:4
URSAs that allows the store to be flipped and inverted. If this is combined
with a 180 degree Scan Rotate, the scan behaves as if the telecine is going
backwards, the patch then expands instead of collapses, and hey presto no color
changes (going forwards that is). I am curious to know if this works on 
rts/metaspeed machines.

Finally re pricing. Since Jumpfree is active all the time, and not (easily)
disabled, we just upped the suite rates, and left it at that. Some accountants
complained that instead of a job taking 8 hours, it now only takes 3 hours, but
in spite of the competition we do not seem to be short of work, so we just do
more jobs. What is the going rate for URSA/8:8:8/Nr in LA. ?
I believe the going rate in London and Europe is around US$400-500 per hour
without VTRs

Sorry to gang all these points together, but as you probably gathered, we
Compuserve users pay for each trip to the INTERNET