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Hi John

> >> 4) No setup on YUV outputs for NTSC Betacam.
> >we work around it by adding a switchable set up to the YUV output of the TK
> >and use system black rather than DVNR black.
> You mean you're using the analog components out of the Rank?  I need to get 
> setup on the output of the DVNR, because the input is digital only in our 
> facility.

The inputs and outputs here are all available as 4:4:2 , YUV , or Composite
so if the rx medium is Betacam I just keep everything in the YUV 
domain. The TK's ( Digital CCD Marconi's by the way ) have seperate YUV 
outputs which have switchable set up for NTSC.

I am waiting for the UK agent to contact me about another matter and 
will raise these points with him again.......if enough people start 
asking for the same problems to be sorted,it might speed them up a 

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