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NAB data

Our diminutive (by design), yet focused "Guide to Telecine Products at
NAB" is taking shape.  We could use a little more information on the


BTS Media Pool (why we should go look at it)
FLH-1000: improved over 1994 (will it do pin-registration)?


anything new from the stalwart bunch at this booth?

------current revision (95-01-27) of NAB.guide follows---------

This is a working list (incomplete as of 27 Jan.) of equipment of
interest to telecine professionals to be shown at the National
Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas in 1995.  It is
available from the archive server by sending a message to
"telecine-request at xyzoom.alegria.com" with "Subject: archive get

Avid:		Media Recorder
		  finally shipping, possibly a must-buy, if demanded from 
		  Avid editors (see file 94-12 for lengthy discussion)
Digital Vision: DVNR-1000
		  see messages 195, 199, 200, 203 (or file 95-01) 
		   for discussion

daVinci:        8:8:8 in software on an SGI Indy?

Options:	RealTime Steadigate
		  reported to be good for multiple-layer compositing 
Ultimatte:      in software for SGI
                Ultimatte 7

BTS:		Media Pool
		FLH-1000: will it do registered transfers?
		MNR-11 "with digital wet gate"
		  --10-bit noise reducer --see messages 197, 200 
		  "realtime registration" feature: see message 203 
		  (or file 95-01) for a review
Sony:		7030/7050 DAT 
		  see messages 187, 189 (or file 95-01)
Magni:		Multi-standard & digital scopes

Alpha:		upgrades to Alfie?

Rank: 		Ursa Gold (yawn)  
		  (see file 94-12 for discussion)

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