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I have had the following reply from Peter Swinson, of Rank Cintel UK, whom I
approached re subscribing to our User Group, and what may be on show at NAB.

Good to hear from you.

I'll take a look at the Internet thingy.

NAB, we'll have Klone at the show. All up and running "I hope".
It will be 4K & 2K from S35mm 12 or 14 bit linear per color converted to
10 bit log prior to output.  Scan rate peaking at about 6 to 7 seconds
per frame, but I guess at present we wil be hard pushed to find anything
to dump to at that speed.

This is the whole problem of this Hi Res business, What Format ? What
speed ? What file type  ? What recording mefium.? It's all very embyionic
at this stage. I guess a whole new format war will be created with all
this Hi Res stuff, god knows what will happen when we get to scanning
Imax 3D. (2 strips of Imax running at 50 FPS!!!!!!)


I believe that there will be the customary 8:8:8/ Ursa Gold setup too. In fact
I may well be doing the demo, so perhaps this would be a good liason/message
point at the show for people wishing to meet up?