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Re: Rank/NAB

On Jan 28, 14:21, KEVIN SHAW wrote:

> NAB, we'll have Klone at the show. All up and running "I hope".

Is Klone the name for the (experimental, at the time) film scanner
Rank showed at last year's NAB, or is this a new one?  In any case,
I'll add this info to the NAB.guide file that's here on the archive

Regarding film scanners: is there any interest among the subscribers
here to review what scanners/recorders are available, how they're
being used, and who has them?  

> this Hi Res stuff, god knows what will happen when we get to scanning
> Imax 3D. (2 strips of Imax running at 50 FPS!!!!!!)

Where is there an Imax 3D theatre?  I want to see it!

> I believe that there will be the customary 8:8:8/ Ursa Gold setup too.
> In fact I may well be doing the demo, so perhaps this would be a good
> liason/message point at the show for people wishing to meet up?

Excellent idea.  Should we have a target time each day, say 11AM?  


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