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NAB data

Hello there.

This is my first message to this BBS and while I have many tributes to the
person who got it all started (Rob?) I have not time to chat right now. I am
presently on tour and in a lovely and very hot South Africa so I will keep it
short since I am about to join my distributor who is known under the cover of
"Poolside Enterprises"....

On Show at NAB.
Provided we finally get a booth, Digital Vision will show the following items.
ANR - New Adaptive Noise Reducer, we think we can take the already heavily
exploted technology of recursive filtering just a small step further.
Retrofittable to exisitng DVNRs of course.
DIS - digital realtime image stbilisation, what tha ALF does non realtime in
Qauntels world we do now better with new revision
CSP - Colour Signal Processor, a new and quite nice primary colour corrector.
CVP - Colour Vector Processor, our brand new six chanel secondary effectively
putting in features to match DCP and Ranaissance. At last.
AAC - Frame based advanced aperture correction.
AFC - Anamorphic format conversion, needs you to be there in person or apply to
PVP in Burbank to join our seminars. Lets say that if you would like to have ONE
master telecine format this  may just be your down to earth affordable way to
BWF - Brickwall Filter for MPEG preprocessing is not exactly new but first at
MSP - OUR own programmer and panels for tape to tape grading.

Will be back soon with replies to all of those DVNR queries, please bear with

Mike Reichel
Digital Vision (On Tour)