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Hello Bill,

We tried the following CRT :

- Tube Enhancement TE190

- Litton

- Thick face plate from New Century

Conclusion : until now we did not find anything better than the GT1861X3
             from Rank Cintel.
             Either the granularity of the phosphor is not good compared
             to the Rank CRT.  
             Either the light outpout is lower than the Rank CRTs
             (Even if the manufacturers  pretend the contrary.) About    
             light output :I do not know how they mesure their ratings;  
             but now I put a light meter on the face of the CRT to      
             compare them, and there is huge difference between them.    
             (and it is not because of the color temperature : you put a
             TAF loop on the telecine and you have
             to increase the three PMT supplies, so... and we take care  
             to always have 4volts on the filament !)

Anyway it seems our colorists like only the Rank CRTs, so, soon we will 
modify the craddle assembly and try a LF1861. (Even if they cost $10500
USD ).

We have an old MKIII (with digi.1) and a Rank 4:2:2. Both of them have the
Festival kit modification, but before to try again something else than 
Rank CRT I will try to improve more the burns corrections (Blemishes
levellers from Options International or something like that).

But if you do not transfer as much negative as we do ...


Michel Cadieux
CME, Montreal, Canada.