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Ursa 4x4 upgrades

Just a quick note to anyone who is thinking about upgrading their URSA to the new 4x4 store.

Since Rank has changed the characteristics of the FRAME PULSE on the new 4x4 store 
system, and since the 4x4 system has independant HAC/VAC control of the red, green and 
blue channels, if you upgrade to this store, you will need new daVinci Renaissance 8:8:8 
software to make it work correctly. Failure to upgrade the daVinci software will result in random 
correction timing errors (due to the new and improved (NOT) FRAME PULSE), and lack of 
proper HAC/VAC control (due to the new independant RGB HAC/VAC circuitry). 

We have had a few customers in the LA area upgrade to the 4x4 stores over the last few 
weeks, and apparently were unaware of this situation, causing some inconvenience.  Hence, 
this message. 

If you are upgrading, you need to request URSA Gold software from daVinci.. Contact daVinci 
customer service at (305) 484-8100 for further information. 

Dwaine Maggart - daVinci Western Regional Field Service