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News Release

For Immediate Release

Evertz Microsystems has developed new firmware for the 4025 Film Footage 
Encoder to handle
3 perf 35mm film transfers.  This firmware can be purchased as an upgrade 
for any 4025.

The 3-perf problem:

On 35mm film, the KeyKode numbers change once per foot, or every 64 
perforations.  There is
also a mid-foot KeyKode number which is indicated by a smaller human 
readable number and a
perf offset of 32.  In the 4 perf  format there are 4 perfs per frame, 
giving 16 frames per foot or
KeyKode number.  In the 3 perf format there are 3 perfs per frame giving 21 
1/3 frames per
KeyKode number.  Thus it takes 3 feet to give a whole number of frames.

The Evertz Solution:

Evertz and several other manufacturers have agreed on a standard way of 
numbering the
irregular 3 perf footage.  The first two feet of the sequence have the Zero 
frame KeyKode
reference dot at the head and center perfs of the frame respectively and 
each contain 21 frames.
The third frame of the sequence has the reference dot at the tail perf, and 
contains 22 frames.

In the 4025 the KeyKode VCG window and the front panel KeyKode display have 
a special
indicator between the prefix and the footage that indicates which foot of 
the 3 foot sequence the
KeyKode number belongs to.  This is important because two feet have 21 
frames and the third
foot has 22 frames.  On the VCG, the indicator is a horizontal bar which is 
at the top for the first
foot, in the centre for the second foot and at the bottom for the third 
(long) foot.  On the front
panel the indicator is an up arrow for the first foot, a horizontal bar in 
the center for the second
foot and a horizontal bar at the bottom for the third (long ). There are 
also flag bits encoded into
the VITC which enable the readers to tell whether they are on a long or 
short foot.

A drawing file in Laserjet III format exists on our Bulletin Board.  This 
drawing explains the
numbering sequence in more detail.  To download the file contact our BBS at 
(905) 335-9131.
Go to the Files area and download the file 3PERF.EXE.  This is a self 
extracting ZIP file.  See
the enclosed readme file for instructions.

For further Information contact Carter Lancaster at Evertz Microsystems
Phone (905) 335-3700 Fax (905) 335-3573 BBS (905) 335-9131 or address 
replies to Shawn
Fitzpatrick  (f1help at hookup.net)