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Re News Release

>From Evertz Microsystems Ltd. Phone (905)335-3700

Please note that the self extracting ZIP file available on our BBS will not 
self extract in all cases. As a work around please use phunzip on the file 
as if it was a regular ZIP file. Type pkunzip 3perf.exe <return>. This 
should extract the files for you. If you need a copy of PKUNZIP please 
contact our BBS at (905) 335-9131 to obtain a copy. If you are still having 
problems check that you are using PKUNZIP version 2.04g or better.

Also if you extract the files and follow the readme commands and the file 
prints funny, please erase the unziped files (not 3perf.exe) and unzip 
3perf.exe again. If your still having problems send me an E-Mail with your 
fax number and I'll send you a copy.

Sorry for any trouble, those responsible are currently under house arrest.