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Sorry for the late reply on this,I have been away.

> >We have one in MCR... what would you like to know? 
> Where would you rate it onn a scale of utility from

We mainly use it for laser disk mastering which is a seperate,
downstream from TK process,so my knowledge of it is a bit limited.

According to the VT guys that use it, the set up and ease of use is 
very good and unless the levels are WAY over the top it can handle
anything that's thrown at it.
On a subjective basis it seems to be a lot less harsh on picture 
quality than the other units we tried before buying this one.

Design and build are good and once set up has required no further 
attention from engineering. As to its "must have" status I guess it 
depends on how much of your work needs to conform to very tight specs.

Hope this helps

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