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Re: internet address

On Feb 9, 12:30, Paul Grace wrote:

> send me a reply if this message is OK
> I am Paul Grace , Director Of Image Transfer at Rushes in London.
> Previously I was a principal engineer at Rank Cintel for 10 years.
> I organise the sprocket  club get togethers and also am 
> the sysop of SPROCKET BBS modem number (44) 1920 438025
> SPROCKET BBS is a Post Production BBS running on a first class client
> server.  It can be accessed using a vt100 terminal but most users run
> First class client to give a full graphical user interface for
> Macintosh or Windows.  SPROCKET as it's name implies, has a heavy
> telecine and film bias and is One month old. Already there are 70
> european users ( and a couple in the USA).
> Later in the year it will migrate onto the net.

Paul, I've Cc:ed your message above to the telecine mailing list,
so everyone can know about your BBS.

How will SPROCKET migrate onto the net?  Will there be a World Wide
Web server?  If so, we can link our Web sites together, and have a
more complete telecine medium... I envision linked facility, colorist
pages, manufacturer spec and data sheets, etc.

We have 103 subscribers to this mailing list now.  Past messages back
to June, 1994 are available via ftp and World Wide Web.  The World
Wide Web telecine homepage is available at: http://www.alegria.com
...messages are at ftp://ftp.alegria.com, or via mail at the archive
server (send a message with "Subject: archive help" to
telecine-request at xyzoom.alegria.com).


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