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super 16mm questions

I've not done much work with Super 16mm.  Today some negative arrived
that was marked, in boxes from FotoKem, as Super 16.  

The negative was single-perforated, with KeyKode at the perf edge, and
was Kodak 7297.  The image on the negative, however, was no larger
than a normal 16mm frame, and the client confirmed he hadn't shot
the film as Super 16.  

I hope someone else reading this has done some Super 16, for I have a
few questions.

1) we've installed new wider-channel transport rollers on our Ursa to
accomodate Super 16; I know they're needed because the shoulder of the
normal roller will scratch the additional picture area.  (found this
out the hard way ;-))  *But*: isn't it necessary to use a 16mm gate
that has runners spaced a little wider too, than the normal runners?
I've heard Rank has a Super 16 gate for rent; are the runners the only

2) I'm hesitant to run much Super 16 film through our Ranks because
with the necessary smaller patch on the tube (due to zooming out to
get the whole frame), burn becomes an issue when we go back to our
normal 35mm patch.  Anyone else share this concern?

3) What are the differences between a Super 16 camera and regular 16?
Single sprocket drive and mask?  Is this 7297 film stock I saw a
specially-designated "Super 16" stock?


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