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Pogle in Tel Aviv

> Rob, 

> We are still interested in help for our Israeli customer, so please
> circulate this message!

> Rgds,
> Johan
> (in South Africa for the PRO AV show)

--- Forwarded mail from JOHAN GARDELIUS <100334.2344 at compuserve.com>

> From:  Johan Gardelius 
> PANDORA is looking for a POGLE / DCP operator that can spend the 2nd
> quarter of 95 in Israel. This is a real opportunity, so please contact
> PANDORA ASAP, if you have any ideas.
> Please use CompuServe 100334,2344 to contact Johan Gardelius for
> further info.

--- End of forwarded message from JOHAN GARDELIUS <100334.2344 at compuserve.com>

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