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super 16 transfers

Hi Rob

We have done quite a bit of super 16mm work, starting about 18 months ago. 
We have learned most of the pitfalls as we have gone along. The main one is 
that  everyone is making up there own way of dealing with it.  

The S16 image is not only wider than a regular 16mm image, the centre of the 
picture is also offset.  We did our first project on a regular URSA 16mm 
gate, but with an Afterglow skidplate, which gave us almost the whole 
picture width.  The resolution towards the right side of the picture is  
pretty miserable with this setup. We did not have any problem with tube burn.

We now have the Rank S16 gate, which has much better resolution across the 
whole picture area, and is also designed (I believe) to have the scan patch 
the  same size as for 35mm to avoid burn problems.

If your film has an image that is no wider than  a normal 16mm image, it is 
not super 16mm. There is as far as I know no special film stock for super 
16. However it obviously has to be single perf. 

The differences on a S16 camera are an offset optical centre, and the lenses 
have to provide the required resolution across a wider image size.

The other problem we face  is the lack of availability of suitable test and 
alignment films.  We have heard from various people that they will have them 
available, but so far we have not managed to get any


Andy Toms