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comments on S16

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We've done a lot of S16mm at Digital Magic in the last 2 1/2 years, both on
our Turbo 2 and on the FDL-90.  Maybe I can help.

As I'm sure you know, S16 is easily discernable by the size of the image
photographed.  There will only be one side of perfs and the picture image
will extend almost to the edge of negative, leaving only a slim edge for
guidence.  I believe Kodak makes S16 in all negative speeds, i.e. 7245 -

Since you have wider rollers all you need is the gate.  Rank does rent a S16
opticle block, but we were never happy with the resolution.  Options
international, (Stedi Film)  makes the best gate I know. (We use it for
standard as well as S16)

The majority of the time we use S16 we set for a different center instead of
blowing up.  The full frame of S16 is only used in letterboxed form. Quite a
bit of our S16 work is for TV framing with the intention of preserving 16:9
or 1:85 aspect for later use.  If the full frame is needed we often use the
FDL-90 since there is no patch size, tube burn worries.  Personally, I prefer
the image quality of S16 on the FDL over the T2.  We have xferd full frame,
letter boxed, and pan & scan,  on the Rank without burn problems, however I
share your concern.

I think Allen Albert at Clairmont would be a good authority on the S16
camera's.  I was concerned about movement but was told there's no difference,
both are single pulldown anyway.

Warning !  The Lipsner needs wider guides also.
Best of luck.

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