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Re: Super 16mm

Thanks to Tony Amato for the following.  I know he won't mind that I'm
forwarding it to the group, in case anyone wants the definition of S16.

On Feb 15, 16:02, kr25::lockovm2..slbc03 wrote:
} Subject: Super 16mm

> >From: ANTHONY J. AMATO, MPTVI, CTS, B-69 RL x73098 MC 01922
> Subject: Super 16mm
> Hi Rob,
> I will answer your questions regarding Super 16mm Motion Picture Film stocks.
> Any 16mm Eastman Color Negative, single edge perforated stock con be used for
> Super 16mm. The difference between 16mm and super 16mm is the increased image
> area. Super 16mm represents a 46% increase in image area. The width of the
> super 16 frame extends an extra 20% into the area normally occupied by the
> sound track.
> The aspect ratio of super 16mm is 1.66:1. This is very close to the HDTV format
> of 16:9 or the wide screen cinema format of 1.85:1.
> I hope this helps you better understand Super 16mm.
> Thanks,
> Tony Amato
> Internet:  Lockovm2.SLBC03 at kodako.kodak.com

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