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Super16 specs

Hello Rob!  I thought you should know that Steadi-Film Corp. is a new
subscriber to the telecine users group. Feel free to send questions,
suggestions, complaints, new product ideas or even a general "hello"
to Steadifilm at aol.com on the internet. If you prefer you can call us
at 404-728-0317 or fax us at 404-321-1078.  Now to answer your
questions regarding Super 16mm transfers.

In order to properly transfer Super 16mm film the following
modifications would be necessary to a standard 16mm gate.

1. New optics would need to be installed to cover the full Super 16mm
image width while maintaining a standard raster size. (same still
scanning raster size as 35mm and 16mm) This will prevent CRT burns
from being in a different position than say 35mm or 16mm burn
patterns. Also designing a lens for the 1.66 aspect ratio which is
full width Super16 allows you to "zoom" in to acquire the standard
1.33 aspect ratio.

2. A new aperture plate that covers the full Super 16mm width is also
necessary. Yes in response to your question about the "runners"
needing to be widened. The amount you widen the "runners" is the
difference between the the 16mm image width and Super 16mm image
width.  16mm camera aperture= .404" Super 16mm camera aperture= .493"
(This can vary a little with different cameras since there hasn't been
a definitive spec. assigned for Super 16mm yet!)

3. The optical center of the Super 16mm lens would need to be offset by
1.15mm. This would place the Super 16mm lens at Super 16mm image center.
Without doing this  you would have to have to pan the raster quite a bit to
center the image. Also when the raster is panned by such an extreme amount
you in turn get quite horrible resolution across the field.

Rank Cintel does rent a Super 16mm gate. Also Option's International sells
RTS Super 16mm gates for both URSA and MKIII telecine.

As you may know, Steadi-Film makes a RTS Super 16 gate, specifically
designed for Super 16.  It is NOT a modified 16 gate.  The RTS system
also includes optics designed for Super 16.  What we did was produce a
lens that kept the patch size about the same size as 35mm gates.

If you are interested, talk with Donna at Options.  Her phone number is
615-327-8090.  Hopefully she will get plugged into the information super
highway soon.

I hope I didn't rattle on too much , and further more I hope this information
is helpful!

Best regards,

Brian Brown

--- End of forwarded message from Steadifilm at aol.com

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