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NAB misc.

With the big Vegas show coming up, I thought I'd repost here our
current version of the "NAB guide" (available on the archive server as
"NAB.guide") for telecine.

Also, a reminder that Kevin Shaw, of Online Video in Zurich, and of
this group, will be doing demos at the Rank booth.  We have set a
loose get-together time of 11AM for those of us who would like to meet
(on any day) at the Rank booth.

This is a working list (incomplete as of 22 Feb.) of equipment of
interest to telecine professionals to be shown at the National
Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas in 1995.

Avid:		Media Recorder
		  finally shipping, possibly a must-buy, if demanded from 
		  Avid editors (see file 94-12 for lengthy discussion)
Digital Vision: DVNR-1000
		  see messages 195, 199, 200, 203 (or file 95-01) 
		   for discussion
		ANR  (new noise reducer)		
		DIS  (realtime image stabilization)
		CSP, CVP (new primary and secondary color correctors) 
		   --see message 239 for list

daVinci:        ARTISAN: 8:8:8 in software on an SGI Indy
Options:	RealTime Steadigate
		  reported to be good for multiple-layer compositing 
Ultimatte:      in software for SGI
                Ultimatte 7

BTS:		Media Pool
		FLH-1000: will it do registered transfers?
		MNR-11 "with digital wet gate"
		  --10-bit noise reducer --see messages 197, 200 
		  "realtime registration" feature: see message 203 
		  (or file 95-01) for a review
Sony:		7030/7050 DAT 
		  see messages 187, 189 (or file 95-01)
Magni:		Multi-standard & digital scopes

Alpha:		upgrades to Alfie?

Rank: 		Ursa Gold 
		  (see file 94-12 for discussion)
		Klone scanner  --see message 230 for description

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