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Re: Subscribe

On Feb 23, 20:02, Mary & Neal  Kassner wrote:
} Subject: Subscribe

> Rob, I'm a staff video op and colorist working at CBS in New York.  I read 
> the article about this address in "millimeter" a few months ago, but I'm 
> just now getting up to speed on CompuServe stuff.
> Judging by that article I suspect I'm way out of my depth in the subjects 
> you guys cover,
> but I'd like to learn more about how the real world works.
> We're strictly a tape-to-tape operation, with 3 analog daVincis and 1 8:8:8 
> Renaissance with all the associated bells and whistles; our clients are 99% 
> CBS newsmags.  For instance, I work on Connie Chung's "Eye To Eye".  We 
> also service "48 Hours", "Sunday Morning", and portions of "60 Minutes" 
> (promos, teases, credits, & Rooney).  There are 5 of us who have been 
> trained in daVinci operations, and when we're not assigned to a color 
> correction job, we work as video operators in Studio Show Crews.
> So you see, we're not exactly at your level, but I've got some questions 
> about operational things as well as room design considerations.
> I'd appreciate hearing from any of you, or just looking in to see what's 
> going on.
> Regards,
> Neal Kassner

}-- End of excerpt from Mary & Neal  Kassner

Neal and Mary, let me welcome you to our humble group.

I used to work right next to CBS in NYC, at Unitel on 57th street, and
I did some work on shoots, so I'm familiar with the video op's job,
and I don't think it's trivial by any means, though I guess with chip
cameras these days, it's not so hard to keep the cameras
matched...there are definitely similarities between a colorist's job
and a video op's (we called them video engineers, though that's kind
of a catchall).

We cover all aspects of color correction here, and telecine, so join
in and ask questions or what have you.  Let me know if you need any
help... you should have received a package of files to start you out.

To send messages to the whole group, send to
"telecine at xyzoom.alegria.com".  


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