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TLC/Renaissanse Shuttle Limit

There have been several requests for the TLC shuttle limit modification 
when connected to the URSA/Renaissance configuration.

TLC Technical Information

Shuttle Limit Modification when connected to URSA/Renaissance Systems.

Modify the TLC Rank Ctl board located in slot 2 of the TLC Rank Slave 
Interface Chassis.

- Cut the trace between two via pads labeled "B2" located to the right 
of U15.

- Add a jumper wire from the free via to the right of the B2 cut trace 
connecting to the via trace labeled "C2" immediately below.  

This makes the C2 line output of the TLC board driving the old B2 line.

The TLC wind and rewind commands will now shuttle the URSA at about 1/2 

If you have any questions, call me at 818-902-0488.  Gary Adams