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Re: vectorscope

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>Do you work with an expanded display, where the burst is at or beyond
>the outer circle, or do you work with a calibrated display, with burst
>measuring 75%?

You know, I find this also a little vexing. I prefer to work calibrated 
myself. Perhaps those who are more instrument minded prefer to run expanded. 
Personally, in the commercial marketplace, I have always felt that scopes were 
not as usefull as good exposure intuition.

The other big question is to monitor in component or composite?

I cant tell you how many tapes I've recieved from other facilities with no 
setup or clips. I'm sure the picture looked lovely at the time, but by the 
time I encode the image, that beautiful blue sky is now white due to the 
headroom being sheared off.

Anyone have any good sound monitoring guidelines in a given format that might 
be distributed?


Bob Festa festa at earthlink.net