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I also have to throw my hat in the ring for a calibrated vectorscope. I feel
like I'm seeing the "whole" picture in a calibrated scope. With it expanded,
I find myself worrying too much about where the fuzzball should go. I think
it's a mix of comparison of all scopes available and intuition. I also
monitor composite. Why not see it as close to broadcast as you can? It does
no one any good to show something on the monitor that can't be duplicated
down the line.

In addition, a question. What does anyone have to say about Davinci Artisan?
I viewed it during the Eastern region conference, and on first impression I'd
have to say I'm at least happy that the platform is changing. It's long
overdue, and it will be the stepping stone into an expanded workstation
platform. They (Davinci)  also conceded that they will most likely license
their patents to be included as modules for other SGI software ( ala  Flame).
They presented some ambitious ideas especially if it is to be presented by
NAB and possibly ship in June(?). I realize that they monitor this list, but
what the hell, they actually seem very interested in what we have to say. I
also was happy to hear that they seem to want to dump the panel. It sounds
like it's costly for them to manufacture, and it makes more sense to break it
up. We certainly would gain more console real estate as well as better
ergonomics. They would not give an expected cost, but guesses from other
colorists and engineers ranged from 30 to 50K. I like the idea of breaking up
the color correction list as well. The ability to select part or all of a
previous color correction would be desirable.

Don't all speak at once.