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On Feb 28, 15:34, "Craig Leffel" wrote:

> In addition, a question. What does anyone have to say about Davinci
> Artisan?  I viewed it during the Eastern region conference, and on
> first impression I'd have to say I'm at least happy that the platform
> is changing. 

Me too.  I haven't seen it, but I think they're doing the right thing
by making it software, and opening the architecture a bit, so to
speak.  Irix 5.x is a great operating system...

> they actually seem very interested in what we have to say. I also was
> happy to hear that they seem to want to dump the panel. It sounds like
> it's costly for them to manufacture, and it makes more sense to break
> it up. 

Are you sure they want to dump the panel completely?  If the future
8:8:8 is completely within an SGI (Iris/Indy), what form will the
operator interface take?  Won't we need trackballs at the very least?

I have long thought the panel needs to be updated, dropped, or changed
radically, but I think we need access to realtime, immediate control,
which takes us back to trackballs/joysticks --something beyond a
QWERTY keyboard or pen/tablet.  As for program operation, allow
"modes", where the colorist tailors the operation of the list to
allow/disallow immediate mark insertion, and some kind of preview mode
that retains the original list... we have discussed a lot of this over
the past year here.

But all this could be cleared up when I see ARTISAN and daVinci
explains it all.

> ranged from 30 to 50K. 

For what, ARTISAN and the platform?  or just ARTISAN software?

> I like
> idea of breaking up the color correction list as well. The ability to
> select part or all of a previous color correction would be desirable.

absolutely.   It's time we were allowed to manipulate the 1's and 0's,
so to speak, *while also* allowing speedy transfers in an on-the-fly


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