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Re[2]: vectorscope

     In regards to waveform/vectorscope monitoring in a component digital 
     environment, I have installed/used Tektronix WFM 601 serial component 
     monitors in these areas with very good results.
     With the feature known as "Diamond Display", operators can easily 
     visually determine whether creative effects can be reproduced in legal 
     RGB color space, and a alarm can be set when a violation has occurred; 
     this all without the need for simultaneous NTSC encoding.
     The White Face CRT, that is very popular in color correction 
     environments, is standard with the WFM601.
     Finally, with a serial digital environment, it's good to know that 
     there is no EQ loss or other signal perturbance in the cable, DA's, 
     etc. that can be giving you a false reading on the input of your 
     I believe there is a videotape and other educational material on the 
     Diamond Display and the use of the WFM601 that can be ordered from 
     your Tektronix representative.
     Hope this helps.
     Nathan Simmons
     nats at earthlink.net

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Subject: Re: vectorscope
Author:  telecine at xyzoom.alegria.com at sonycom
Date:    2/28/95 12:15 PM

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>Do you work with an expanded display, where the burst is at or beyond 
>the outer circle, or do you work with a calibrated display, with burst 
>measuring 75%?

The other big question is to monitor in component or composite?
Anyone have any good sound monitoring guidelines in a given format that might 
be distributed?
Bob Festa festa at earthlink.net