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Hi guys.

I have been "eyes" dropping on your talks about ARTISAN. That's

Are you aware that Digital Vision manufactures two different types of digital
color correctors?
The latest is in the same wild performance league as Pandora and DaVinci but
with a twist. Both devices are supported by a windows style GUI and a set of
three control panels. Let me put it this way, if you have made it into your
computer to read this message you have also qualified as crack operator of
entire DV image processor, well almost...

Why did you not know about it before? Well we have been somewhat apprehensive
about INPROP/SARABIA/CCC patents and therefore stayed out of the US market
until we felt good about it.We have since a year or so given in and payed up.
Still, the pricetags of our colour correctors are less than half of our
Why? Well colour correction in the digital domain is not really rocket
science if you know your way around signal processing. In addition we
strongly feel
that with true digital (10bit) paths to the VTR, the bulk of colour
correction is
better done in tape to tape (there are exceptions of course) domain. Hence
our system programmer (MSP) is NOT a telecine controller, it does however
editing between two VTR's.

The color correctors are available in 422, 444, 844 and 1125/60 formats. The
Hidef units are in operation at Sony in Culver City and at Sony in UK. All
color correctors can be driven by the Pogle as well.

We are in the South Hall  at NAB, will you be around?


Mike Reichel/Digital Vision

Subj:	Re: vectorscope/clip
Date:	95-03-01 07:28:19 EST
From:	telecine at xyzoom.alegria.com
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