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>Do you work with an expanded display, where the burst is at or
> beyond the outer circle, or do you work with a calibrated display,
> with burst measuring 75%?

You say tomayto, I say tomaahto.  

I monitor with the scope calibrated with occassional switching to expanded
for the more challenging scenes.  I've always wondered how certain work
habits are developed though.  

I suspect this preference probably has a lot to do with the type of work one
does in their formative stages (and the example of others).  

For instance, it makes all the sense in the world for a colorist doing
commercial spot work to be concerned about oversaturating a broadcast spot.
 The result is he might tend to use a calibrated display to watch saturation
whereas a colorist in a feature environment might be more concerned with his
QC department bouncing his product based on dirty blacks.

On the other hand, if you learned to color correct with someone who usually
worked with a scope expanded, chances are that you like to work that way too.

> The other big question is to monitor in component or composite?

In general, I would have to agree with going encoded since the product is
distributed that way.  The only logical reason to monitor component would be
to optimize the image for compositing.

>I've done a number of transfers to simultaneous D1 and D2, where
>it's important to be certain the encoder clips on the D2 path are
>going to be reproduced later when the D1 is encoded... (this opens
> up another area of potential discussion [canofworms])

Yes indeed, I for one, would like to know where, when, and how you fellas are
applying clips.

On a related matter, I've noticed when transcoding D2 that if the source is
brought into an 8:8:8 (set for transparency) with a zero black, then setup
and black clipped at the encoder (for D2 to D2), I usually loose picture
detail.  My solution has been to use the next available setting on the
transcoder (slightly above zero).  Has anyone else encountered similar


Subj:	vectorscope
Date:	95-03-01 08:20:28 EST
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