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Re: vectorscope

re: expanded vector, calibrated vector...

I have polled our colorists....one uses calibrated, one starts expanded and
then runs calibrated.

As regards the question about monitoring...from an engineering stand point,
the only way to be sure of your recording is to monitor in the primary format
you are using.  ie: recording D-1, monitor D-1.  Yes this means fully loading
your poor 1910's card cage, but it is worth it in the long run.  If you are
recording D-2, then monitor either analog composite or D-2 direct.  We have a
remote control for the 1910 which allows the colorist to select the monitor
inputs conveniently.  It would never be wise to monitor composite when
recording analog component or D-1.  

I have a question>  Has anyone come across this really nasty thin base Kodak
5296 yet?  It has been showing up recently, and raises havoc with our pin
systems.  This stuff is amazing..an 800ft roll looks like 400.
D. Chapman

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Subj:	DAT lockup
Date:	95-03-01 08:21:56 EST
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