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 Reply to:     RE>DAT lockup
Seems there was some discussion about poor 7050 performance when
used as a recorder with TLC. I am sure Gary Adams can elaborate 
on this.

I have noticed that the use of 7030/7050 with any edit system 
(TLC or CMX) seems to leave something to be desired. With the new
CMS 68000 I^2 boards, the performance is much better, but still 
not 100% perfect; still get occasional aborts.

We use the 7030 with AXIAL quite often, but not as a recorder, so 
I can't tell you if that's any better.

So take heart, you are not alone... and it seems to be a stumper 
for the TLC boys as well. -bt

--- Forwarded mail from atoms at ccinet.ab.ca (Andy Toms)
During a session today I was recording to a Sony 7050 DAT machine via
URSA/TLC and had a lot of aborted edit due to the DAT.  Has anyone had 
similar problems?  Is there a cure?  It looks like the TSO is hitting 
too hard.  
--- End of forwarded message from atoms at ccinet.ab.ca (Andy Toms)

Subj:	vectorscope/monitoring
Date:	95-03-01 11:48:12 EST
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