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THe TLC needs some work in the area of DAT synchronization.  Until we 
are able to make improvements I have an operational procedure which 
will greatly improve sync.

da Vinci Systems TLC Technical Information

Improved Sony 7030/7050 DAT operation

Technical Bulletin:      TLC-028

Affected Unit:           All TLC Systems

Problem:  Poor TLC synchronization of DAT machine.  High edit abort 
rate.  The TLC has more difficulty synchronizing the DAT when it has to 
speed up the capstan during a preroll.  The trick is to force the DAT to 
park closer to the edit point causing the TLC to slow the capstan down 
during preroll.  Using the automatic parking feature in the TLC *PARK=0) 
has a high probability of parking where the TLC may have to speed up the 

Solution:  First allow the TLC to automatically find the best parking 
point for the first edit of each new DAT tape reel.  *PARK for the DAT 
must be set to zero (0) for automatic parking.  Make sure the TLC 
successfully locks the DAT machine once with either a PREVIEW or an 
EDIT.  After successfully locking the DAT, change the *PARK for the DAT 
machine to two (2).  This will always force the DAT to park two frames 
closer to the edit point causing the TLC to slow the capstan down during 
preroll for all subsequent edits. This procedure may have to be repeated 
as you work down the DAT tape if the internal ballistics of parking and 
synchronizing change.  If the edit abort rate on the DAT machine starts 
climbing up again, it will be necessary to set the *PARK trim back to 
zero (0) to let the TLC learn a new parking offset.  EDIT or PREVIEW at 
least once.  Then change the *PARK trim back to two (2).  Be sure to do 
this procedure at the beginning of each new tape change.  A SPECIAL key 
could be assigned to set the *PARK to 0 and perform a PREVIEW, while 
another SPECIAL key could be assigned to set the *PARK to 2 reducing 
some of the keystrokes required.

Please note:  The TLC Color framing mode has no effect on the DAT or on 
the Rank for that matter even though the TLC display will alert you to 
check color framing after three (3) aborts.  Do not change the TLC color 
frame mode when either the Rank or audio machines abort or you will 
really create editing problems.

While not a perfect solution to the problem, this should greatly improve 
the synchronizing problem.  This procedure was tested using Sony DAT 
firmware version 4.1.

TLC Technical Information - TLC-028  

I hope this is not too difficult to try.  We plan to improve DAT 
handling as soon as possible.  Thanks, Gary Adams, da Vinci

Subj:	Re: TLC and Sony 7050 DAT
Date:	95-03-01 22:29:33 EST
From:	telecine at xyzoom.alegria.com
To:	atoms at ccinet.ab.ca, telecine at xyzoom.alegria.com