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Hi Guys...

I'm writing this while waiting for the 8:8:8 to convert yet another file into
the "new" format (yawn). The record here is 20 minutes.  I had to check to
see if the hard disk was still spinning!

We do two 3-perf shows here, one centered for full aperture, and the other
with active picture centered at Academy (no good action in the soundtrack
center.  Both are widescreen formats, the former being wider, but we zoom
both in for 1:33 transfer for TV.  If the Ursa patch has been written for the
academy-centered variety, I cannot then transfer film with full aperture
centering (in 1:33) without running out of shading memory.  A dark band
appears at the left side of TV.  It is neccessary to re-write the URSA
alignment for
the alternate positioning and re-autoalign, even though there was plenty of
there previously, though it does approach the edge of the CRT.  This is most
time consuming.

Similarly, we have a slide gate with a lens focal length appropriate for
Mklll machines, and this too is not usable on the Ursa because of the shading
memory limitation (the whole slide area is visible, but one edge is
un-shaded).  I
also run into this with rental Super-8mm gates with Mklll lenses.  Has anyone
experienced similar difficulties?

My question is this: does the Ursa Gold address this limitation by allowing
shading of the entire usable tube face?  

Renaissance ver. 3.5 ...... still going.....is this downtime?

--Sam Dlugach, Complete Post, Hollywood

Subj:	Re: TLC/Sony DAT Control
Date:	95-03-01 23:04:24 EST
From:	rob at xyzoom.alegria.com
To:	garyada at ix.netcom.com
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