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On Mar 1, 15:05, Gary Adams wrote:
} Subject: TLC/Sony DAT Control

> THe TLC needs some work in the area of DAT synchronization.  Until we 
> are able to make improvements I have an operational procedure which 
> will greatly improve sync.
> da Vinci Systems TLC Technical Information
> Improved Sony 7030/7050 DAT operation

This is really valuable information, I'm archiving these types of
messages in our mailing list's archive directory, accessible via the
email archive server, and also in the ftp directory here on xyzoom
(URL: ftp://ftp.alegria.com/pub/telecine).  If anyone needs help in
using the archive server or with ftp'ing, let me know.  

As always, past messages are available via the archive server and also
through ftp.


Subj:	Re: Ursa vs. Ursa Gold shading map
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