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 Reply to:     RE>Test film for audio sync
It has been very worthwhile for us to have our own test material
shot. This includes S-16 film which includes chart as well as 
several sync scenes (thus acting as a S16 setup film as well). We 
also had 1/4" CTTC and DAT made of the sync sound. We did an assort-
ment of speeds (24, 25, 29.97, 30) and timecodes (30, 29.97, 24).

All those are short takes, but we also did one or two long (5min) 
takes of 24fps/30TC to check long-term drift.

Having a multi-purpose test set like this has saved us many times 
by allowing us to find problems with our own setup as well as the 
client's material. It also allowed us to test some oddball stuff 
(like 24frame TC) without having to ask the client to pre-shoot 
a test.

You can probably beat up one of your local camera supply outfits 
for this kind of thing- no need to make a production out of it.


Date: 03-06-95  8:34
From: Mike Goslin

Does anyone know of a test film and 1/4" audio tape for testing 
audio sync?

Subj:	IBC test films
Date:	95-03-07 06:33:43 EST
From:	telecine at xyzoom.alegria.com
To:	telecine at alegria.com