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]] "is anyone using the trackball in shuttle
mode to control the tape motion incrementally?"

Yeah, it works OK, but it's still a lot of keystrokes since you have to hit
the jog button before the trackball is activated for that.  It also will only
work if the tape has VITC, but it's fine with the ASTC in D-1.  I find D-1
extremely sluggish, period, to work with, so you have my sympathy.  We get
spoiled by
doing a lot of D-2 and Digital Beta work at Complete, and those formats have
much better "reaction time."

I also check the B-video directly from the tape machine to make sure its
time-code display is showing me the correct frame/field number.  Once in
awhile, DaVinci doesn't update correctly, and you may find yourself inserting
or marking the wrong frame.

95% of the time, I find the auto-scene detect is OK for tape-to-tape if you
set the sensitivity at about 12 or so.  But a lot depends on the nature of
material.  And 5% of the time, the thing is 2 frames off for absolutely no
reason at all.  You can have ten identical cuts in a row, and #5 will be 2
frames early.

I totally agree with Mr. Festa elsewhere that having the EDL is the best way
to go, provided it's reliable and has been cleaned-up.

Oh, and the new software is still annoying.  (But I say that everytime we get
an update from DaVinci.)  (SIDENOTE TO BRUCE GRAHAM:  I *smile* when I say

--Marc Wielage
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Subj:	Trackball Jog
Date:	95-03-08 09:05:39 EST
From:	telecine at xyzoom.alegria.com
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