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>.It is extremely frustrating
>having to use the "frame" control a dozen times to find the cut

When dealing with these "flashing" edits ( which seem to be more and more
popular since non linear became in voque-give the boyz toyz etc etc) I try
the following in order of preference.

1. Get a CMX edl list - I'll even clean it up using an old mac and "Vantage"
if necessary. Clients do not understand the grief, and often go to lunch
of getting the edl on disk.

2. Try manual marking, but in chunks instead of true scene by scene.
Sometimes works because nobody can see what is happening in a 1 frame cut.
But clients
often start to have second thoughts after lunch, especially when the cuts are
played back a frame at a time.
3. Use the Scene detector at a low sensitivity (10 to 12), then hit < -1
Scene Start > and <scene start> thereafter. This cues to the frame *before*
mark and shows whether the mark is valid without any messy jogging/stepping
etc. I
use Scroll and Delete too, again to avoid messy jogging. Send clients out for
stiff drinks. Doesn't help the event list much, but it gets them out of the

On a different subject,how long do you "burn in" an URSA tube for ? I have
been getting conflicting answers to this question, ranging from "it is
done"- Rank/Brymar to "3 weeks without scan fx". I am a heavy scan fx user
though...I could not go without that long.

Online, Zurich 

Subj:	ADS-1
Date:	95-03-10 11:16:41 EST
From:	rob at xyzoom.alegria.com
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