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I don't do a lot of tape-to-tape color correction, but today I had
occasion to do a :60 spot that had a ton of cuts, including many
flash-frames.  (I do find these esthetically tiresome ;-))

Source tape was D1.  

I tried to use the 8:8:8's scene detector, but found the flash-frames
were introducing a lot of "extra" events I didn't really need or want.
In this situation I want to build my own list, as I don't want the
clutter of all those events, not to mention having to check them all
for frame accuracy (because I don't trust the scene detector

In this kind of situtation, is anyone using the trackball in shuttle
mode to control the tape motion incrementally?  Is the shuttle
granularity fine enough?  (I don't have a chance in the next day or so
to get back on the box to check it out) ..It is extremely frustrating
having to use the "frame" control a dozen times to find the cut
points, especially because "play" and "reverse" source deck motion
itself lags the keypresses significantly, so you almost have to hit
stop after play *before* you see any motion, to anticipate the control
lag, to find the cuts.


Subj:	tape-to-tape
Date:	95-03-07 19:55:45 EST
From:	telecine at xyzoom.alegria.com
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