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The 8:8:8's scene detector is designed for a "typical" cut.  As a result it
won't respond (with a single mark) to flash frames on original negative or
edited program material.

For flash frames, I use jog mode (press SAS/JOG before using the trackball)
instead of shuttle mode for searching for the markpoint.  It's faster than
pping and easier to control than shuttle and should be completely accurate as
long a you're using VITC as a timecode source.  

If you're marking as opposed to inserting, it should work fine.  If you're
inserting, you may still have to use the STOP key before inserting the mark
to get around the "can't insert while moving" lag.  I think the latest
software is supposed to solve the lag problem.

If someone has access to an 8:8:8 today, please try shuttle mode and tell us
how that works as well.


Subj:	Re: tape-to-tape
Date:	95-03-07 20:03:59 EST
From:	telecine at xyzoom.alegria.com
To:	telecine at xyzoom.alegria.com