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>Rob wrote;

>In this kind of situtation, is anyone using the trackball in shuttle
>mode to control the tape motion incrementally?  Is the shuttle
>granularity fine enough?  (I don't have a chance in the next day or so
>to get back on the box to check it out) ..It is extremely frustrating
>having to use the "frame" control a dozen times to find the cut
>points, especially because "play" and "reverse" source deck motion
>itself lags the keypresses significantly, so you almost have to hit
>stop after play *before* you see any motion, to anticipate the control
>lag, to find the cuts.

I have had the same problem many times. Even turning down sensitivity on
the scene "detector" doesn't work well, especially with flash frames. I
haven't tried Trackball/shuttle, but I have used 6 fps with some success.
Tell the D1 to play at 6 fps from the hard key on Davinci, and see if it
helps. Other than that, take a Xanex and put on some Pink Floyd. It's the
only way to find the patience you'll need.


Subj:	888 mark points in D1
Date:	95-03-07 20:17:21 EST
From:	telecine at xyzoom.alegria.com
To:	telecine at xyzoom.alegria.com