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This is a copy of my return E-mail to
Harry Heuer
> Manager, Special Projects
> Motion Picture & TV Imaging Div.
> Eastman Kodak Company
> Rochester, New York

I originated the "thin based 5296 note."  We have spoken to two Kodak people
who tell us that this film does not exist.  
However...here is the story.  Last month, at least two facilities in Los
Angeles had pin registration sessions crash because the film that the client
brought had a base so thin that the system could not handle it and
substantial tweeking was required.  It is labeled 5296, and compared to a
"normal" 5296 1000ft. reel it is app. 40% smaller.  ie: 1000ft of thin based
film looks like 400ft of normal5296.  We have not found a client who can tell
us where they bought this film. I have been asking around about this, and no
one else has reported this thin based film.  It is possible that some has
shown up in New York, but we cannot verify this.  
Any light you can shed on this situation would be appreciated.
Donna Chapman, Post Logic Video.

Subj:	ADS-1
Date:	95-03-10 17:33:46 EST
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