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On 3-10-95 Bill Topazio wrote:
CBS NY uses (used?) ADS telecines. Damn- I wish I could remember 
the guy's first name, but his last name is Steiger. He may or may 
not know who I am so I don't know if mentioning my name will help, 
but it might. 

CBS NY does have a pair of ADS telecines that they use for various transfer 
purposes. The man that was in charge of them is Red Steiger, if I remember
correctly. I think he may have retired last year. 

We have actually installed Classic daVinci's on 3 ADS machines over the past 
several years. One of them was at CBS NY. The ADS was set up to be used 
with a roll around Classic daVinci, that was also used for tape-tape 

ADS machines are CCD based telecines, with a central rack of control and 
processing electronics, that can be hooked up to multiple transport racks.
The CBS ADS telecines each have 3 transports, as I recall. There was a 
foil detection mechanism on each transport, that would detect when the end
of the film was near, and would automatically start the next transport.
Thus, you could load up a 3 reel movie, hit play, and let it rip out to 
air. As Donna mentioned, it had a nifty scratch concealment system, that was 
based on infrared light being reflected off the film, from the quartz
illumination source. I suspect that is why the scheme was not carried over 
into the flying spot telecines. 

I would warn anybody considering the use of an ADS system for scene to scene
color correction, that it is not suited for this application. Because it
is a CCD telecine, you do not have a "live" film image to work with, and due
to design constraints in the ADS, you have to move 3 frames of film through
the gate, before the Digiscan puts out a new image. Thus, trying to find
boundries to mark on the correction list is nearly impossible. The one post 
house in the US that tried this approach. quickly traded the ADS in on a MK3
Turbo machine. 

Dwaine  at  daVinci LA

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Date:	95-03-11 00:09:54 EST
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