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>IBC is the name of an exhibition! Probably it is ITC: Independent Television
>Commission, 33 Foley Street, London, W1P 7LB, U.K. Tel: +44 171 255 3000;
>FAX: +44 171 306 7800.
>Alternatively it might be ITCA, Independent Television Companies
>Knighton House, 56 Mortimer Street, London, W1N 8AN. Tel: +44 171 636 6866;
>FAX: +44 171 580 7892.
>Regards, Alan Masson.
>Tel: (716) 477-0872 / K-25-70872;  FAX: (716)-722-7032 / K-72-27032.
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>Support your  SMPTE  Section and keep up with the latest technology.
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        Oops!  They say the memory is the first thing to go! ;.)  I was
trying to find some test film that Eddie Heywood or Rank told me about
several years back.  It was produced by the British equivalent of the SMPTE. 
        One of the films that we are seeking is a British cinemascope sizing
chart that has circles that actually are perfect circles when sized
correctly.  The colorists at Modern like it for features, but our supply has
shrunk to a few closely guarded loops. They do not use the SMPTE version.  
       Also, anyone who could come up with a renewable source of real
Marconi film would probably find themselves quite popular.  The only way I
got a few frames was to buy a few well placed pints at The Bull's Head Pub
in Ware.


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