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No Subject

At 08:14 AM 3/10/95 PST, Rob Lingelbach wrote:
>This was sent to me, but meant for the group:
>--- Forwarded mail from Bill Kinder
<Bill_Kinder+aSENTINEL%American_Zoetrope at mcimail.com>
>Date: Fri, 10 Mar 95 06:09 EST
>From: Bill Kinder <Bill_Kinder+aSENTINEL%American_Zoetrope at mcimail.com>
>To: Rob Lingelbach <rob at xyzoom.alegria.com>
>Subject: ADS-1
>Date	3/10/95
>Subject	ADS-1
>From	Bill Kinder
>To	Rob Lingelbach
>                       Subject:                               
>Time:1:21 AM
>  OFFICE MEMO          ADS-1                                  
>I'd like to poll the group for those familiar with the operation 
>and maintenance of the Rank ADS-1. It's a rare, and dying, breed of 
>telecine which we happen to have. Originally intended for live 
>broadcast use, we  use it for video dailies and workprints for 
>sound editors. Adequate to the task. But Rank doesn't support it 
>anymore, and it seems like we're the only ones dealing with it. 
>Anybody out there to share notes?
>--- End of forwarded message from Bill Kinder
<Bill_Kinder+aSENTINEL%American_Zoetrope at mcimail.com>
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Doug Reither, who used to work for Rank, might be willing and able to help
you with ADS related questions. I understand he worked on them when at Rank.
I believe now that he works at Unitel LA.


Subj:	"Nasty Film" N
Date:	95-03-12 11:02:34 EST
From:	bob.kertesz at wcoast.cts.com
To:	TELECINE at xyzoom.alegria.com