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 Re. ADS-1

I may have to regret to say this but one of our customers, Video-8 in Sydney
has an ADS-1 and hangs on to it. Do you know why?
It gives very little trouble and (this is the part I may regret saying) under
right conditions puts out nice looking pictures. Sure it has a problem
handling all types of film but it certainly is a workhorse and makes money
for those
who know how to drive it.
As with any telecine, it's all down to who drives it. Maybe it helps that
they are also using our digital colour corrector, noise and dirt reducer and
feeding it analog RGB and outputting 4:2:2 they also automatically get a
digital output. The DVNR also gives them a still store plus a scene detector
doing the scene by scene grading in digital tape domain all fundamental deck
problems are sort of bypassed.  I have a film in PAL at NAB transferred from
telecine, if you want to have a look come and see me.

For those who wish to chat ADS,  Video 8 is reached at;
Attn. Kevin Hurley
21 Dickson Av.
PO Box 153, Artarmon
NSW 2064 Australia

Phone +61-2-438-4144       Fax +61-2-436-3953

So Long!

Mike, Digital Vision

"If nothing else works, read the manual......"  or "don't use force, use a
bigger hammer"

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