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Lingelbach), telecine at xyzoom.alegria.com
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 Reply to:     RE>>IBC test films
There is also the BKSTS:

British Kinematographic Sound & Television Society
M6-M14 Victoria House Vernon Place
London WC1B 4DF

If nothing else, they publish one hell of a nice series if color
posters depicting a zillion formats for film and sound. They are
very pretty and will be of interest to anyone who wants to see 
the entire history of motion picture films on one page.

Good luck on your test film.

bt at edny.univid.com
Additon to...

>IBC is the name of an exhibition! Probably it is ITC: Independent Television
>Commission, 33 Foley Street, London, W1P 7LB, U.K. Tel: +44 171 255 3000;
>FAX: +44 171 306 7800.
>Alternatively it might be ITCA, Independent Television Companies
>Knighton House, 56 Mortimer Street, London, W1N 8AN. Tel: +44 171 636 6866;
>FAX: +44 171 580 7892.

... It was produced by the British equivalent of the SMPTE. 

... a few well placed pints at The Bull's Head Pub in Ware.

[sounds like Heywood, all right]

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