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Years ago, at Action Video (R.I.P.) I was involved in a controversy
over the best way to lace 35mm film around the capstan on the Rank
Cintel.  I used the "omega" wrap for color correction, where the film
makes an almost complete wrap around the capstan.  If I wanted
improved vertical stability during the laydown of that film, I would
wrap it "over the top", skipping the lower roller and having the film
do a 90+ degree wrap around the capstan, which reduces the amount of
film in contact with the capstan by more than 50%.  The improved
vertical stability was welcome, especially with print splices... until
one day I scratched some film by shuttling it back and forth
(forgetting to relace it to "omega" wrap).  It was not the capstan,
but the gate exit roller that scratched the emulsion of the film,
because that roller becomes "lazy"-- if the film is dished or cupped
at all, the center of the frame can scrape the exit roller surface,
because I believe the shoulders of that roller are designed to have
the film wrapped "omega"-style.

I vowed always to use "omega" wrap, and was worried when Mike Waldy of
Video Engineering recommended the other wrap for use with PinUp.

Because another colorist I know is using non-omega wrap (apparently)
successfully, and because I'd like as much stability as possible, I'd
like to poll the colorists using Ranks here on the list: what method
of wrap do you use with 35mm, why, and do you have any experience with
film scratches using the non-omega capstan wrap?

(talk about an esoteric subject!)

Subj:	Re: over the top or omega?
Date:	95-03-16 20:50:07 EST
From:	telecine at xyzoom.alegria.com
To:	telecine at xyzoom.alegria.com