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Mary & Neal Kassner writes:

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> I've been asked by our Video Supervisor (& primary 8:8:8 colorist) to pass
 > a problem encountered during long dissolves containing both primary &
> corrections: it appears that the primary corrections follow the specified
> duration of the dissolve, but the secondary corrections start somewhere in
> middle of the dissolve and then catch up to the primary corrections by the
> A) Has anybody else encountered this?  B) Has this been previously covered?
> a recent subscriber to the group).
> --Neal in NY

This can happen when you don't have a kilovector of the same "fan"
defined in the scene before the dissolve, the dissolved scene and the
scene after the dissolve.  When a "fan" is not defined it is reset to
some "default" starting point.  Depending on where your initialized fan
is defined (what color spoke), the start point of the dissolve will
start at different points within the dissolve.

The rememdy is to make sure that the same fan number is defined in
all three scenes (the one prior to, during and after the dissolve.)

Hope that helps the group.

Andy Sackheim

Subj:	Re: over the top or omega?
Date:	95-03-17 16:07:42 EST
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