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Rob Lingelbach asks:  "what method
of wrap do you use with 35mm, why, and do you have any experience with
film scratches using the non-omega capstan wrap?"

What works for me is, during actual programming, I thread it completely for
mininum slippage, completely around the optical roller.  That way, I find it
minimizes any potential for scratches and problems when you have to
run back-and-forth, back-and-forth, over a period of time.  

For the final laydown -- or for shows, commercials and music videos where
you're doing everything on the fly -- I run it straight across for better
stability.  If I have to rewind it in the latter mode, I just make sure I do
it at a reduced speed; each Rank requires a different adjustment, but I think
we're using 60% on our Ursas at Complete.  As far as I know, I've never
scratched an element with this method in at least 10 years.  

A good friend of mine, formerly at Sunset, scratched an entire reel of a
Universal show around 1988, and I remember well the screaming when that
happened.  We finally figured out it was the SPEED that caused the scratching
with the particular "straight-across" wrap.  The theory then was that the
film was actually lifting OFF the rollers due to an "air-foil" kind of
and scratching on another part of the transport -- but which one, nobody
could say for sure.  --MFW

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