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Hi All,
For the last couple of years I've been a straight across wrap kinda guy
without compromise, without a problem. I used to be an uncompromising omega
guy until our director of engineering
and good buddy convinced me to do otherwise. He spent a considerable amount
of time aligning our transport path, which I believe is the usual cause of
film scratching problems. The alignment of rollers is very critical. 
However I would like to pass along my film scratching experiences over the
past 17 years or so for all to enjoy and remember so that you may avoid them.
1.) Stress to whoever loads film for you the importance of double checking
their threading or lacing of any piece of telecine equipment. The further we
progress into the digital age, the fewer people know about the safe care and
handling of film. I've had film scratched by assistants misthreading the film
cleaner as well as telecines. 
2.) Winding film on the rewind bench. Be careful. I slipped up once with a
tight-wind and put a few tracks in an optical neg.
3.) Don't assume everything is OK when you load a roll on a machine, play it
in one direction and then high speed shuttle to the other end of the roll in
that same direction. You might find you've scratched an entire roll because
scratches can occur before or AFTER the scanned image. It pays to play and
film playback for scratches by playing a safe section in BOTH
directions before shuttling all the way through a roll.
4.) On both the FDL-60 and MKIII I've been bitten by the optical
sound reading stuff stuck in the groove of the capstan. On both the Rank and
the Bosch I've had those things at one time or another become misaligned and
cause a scratch. Since our business does not require optical sound reading
I've had the optical reader removed.
Sorry for all that but I don't wish scratched film on anyone
and maybe some of my past experiences will keep someone else from having a

Subj:	Re: over the top or omega?
Date:	95-03-18 09:30:06 EST
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