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How many of you would agree that with tools like Power Windows, shooting with
graded filters is unnecessary?  It seems to me that unless you're looking for
a particular texture - tape finishes make this stuff a thing of the past.
 And even in tape, edit magic combined with tools like the DFX, Harry, etc,
 allow the filmmaker to come up with an infinite variety of textures and
maintain a "normal" negative.

What do some of the DPs on the list think?  

Also is anyone out there using modifications which allow mounting filters in
the optical path?  What type of success are you having with them and how do
they compare to in camera filtration?

Re: scratches

Prior to devices like the DVNR, I've seen alot of scratches, dirt, etc
removed with paintboxes, multiple passes with soft wipes, etc.  Does  anyone
have interesting techniques to mention for removal of continuous scratches on

Subj:	Camera Filtration,Colored Lights and Gels
Date:	95-03-20 10:48:10 EST
From:	telecine at xyzoom.alegria.com
To:	telecine at xyzoom.alegria.com