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On 3/20 Mr. Reichel wrote;

<<<Can not help myself with a remark or two. Beeing a complete layman at the
horrors of working a telecine I have been following the Omega Anxiety Story
and reruns. Does this not all point to tape-to-tape? What are your objections
really? Would'nt everone just be so pleased if they do not need to handle the
precious piece of film longer than absolutely neccessary. Educate me.>>>>

Mr. Reichel;

You have made some interesting claims about digital color processing, bit
depth, color depth and spectral analysis in regard, I assume, to your
products. You have told us that your presence has been minimal due to
"copyright issues". I am astounded then, that you suggest moving off of the
telecine. You among any of us should know the importance of dealing with
original source material. From a purist point of view; To maniuplate an
image in any way, while retaining the most quality and flexibility, one
must work from the original. i.e.: NEGATIVE. Within this idea, Tape to
Tape, Print, IP etc., are duplicates and are therefore not the best
choice.( Yes, this is being said for arguement sake, forgive me my episodic
bretheren) What surprises me more is that if you are to advocate an
alternate method, why not scanning? Scanning film for workstation
manipulation gives us all far more resolution, color & bit depth than we
have now, on any telecine anywhere. Is your company not interested in this
endeavor? Are you saying that a 640 X 480 image previously color corrected
by someone else is the best way to go? I am confused, as well I'm sure, as
some of my collegues. Maybe you should educate us... it sounds like you've
got some other ideas about the way things should be done. It's the damndest
thing about this internet stuff... I was on a Cinematography board one day
and read a really wild claim from a guy in oregon. It sounded pretty cool.
It even sounded possible.
Turns out on the next post, the kid admitted he was in high school, and
just posting a wish list, something he thought might happen one day.

Happy to share,


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Subj:	Re: tape-to-tape vs. telecine
Date:	95-03-20 12:00:19 EST
From:	rob at xyzoom.alegria.com
To:telecine at xyzoom.alegria.com